Monday, May 30, 2011


given new life

These little beauties found their way to me this Spring at the Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas... a biannual event that brings vendors and collectors/thrifters from far and near to celebrate the art of collecting.

Who knows how they made their way to Round Top?  Someone, Sometime, lovingly crocheted them.  Used them to beautify their silver tea service, or adorn the back of their Queen Anne wingback chair.  But then maybe they got lost at the back of a linen drawer....forgotten for a time.

They called to me and asked to be loved and useful.
Who am I to resist.

I brought them home happily.  Helped them bathe and put on a new spring coat.  And then for the finale of their makeover, linked them together. 

Never to be forgotten again- loved and useful, graceful and romantic.