Tuesday, November 8, 2011


today's project:  bias knit scarf
I was inspired by a scarf that I saw at a local yarn store.  It was long and skinny with diagonal stripes of different art/novelty yarns in MANY shades of pink.  It was capped off with 1" wide silk ribbon (in ombre pink/white) streamers as fringe.  It was fabulous! 
SO, I went searching on the internet for a pattern or directions on how to knit on the bias (diagonally).  Ravelry.com is a glorious source for patterns of all kinds- I can usually find what I am looking for there.
Although, this time, not so much.  I did not find exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted my "scarf" to be wider that what you would normally think of a "scarf" being... almost a "shawl"- but not a triangle... maybe a "wrap"- but not old-lady-looking...  so I took bits and pieces of other patterns and experimented.
LOVE EXPERIMENTING!!!!... the process of creating is such a joy! It took some tweaking... the first try was not what I wanted.  I adjusted.  And, LOVE the end product!
12 or so, yummy, quality yarns in shades of colors and a variety of textures.  Wool, Cotton, Acrylic.
I am working on an orange/brown/blue/ Autumn Leaves color scheme one right now (the collection of yarns at the top of this post).  You can see a couple of other color groupings here.
 It seems to me it needs a special style name.  "Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dream Scarf" or something of the like.  Help me name it, will you? Post some suggestions.
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

yippee, quilt show!

I had a ball today at the International Quilt Festival in Houston!!!

So much inspiration!

Some new items on my list to do:
paint flowers on fabric with my new fabric paints then quilt it
make a scarf with felted wool beads at the end
make an art quilt with new hand dyed silk ribbons and embroidery cotton thread
practice machine quilting... got a new table for my sewing machine
use my new "do-dad" to "braid" silk ribbon into a necklace

So, off to play.