Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my $0.02

So, with all of the amazingly creative and inspired bloggers out there, do I think that what I have to say is all that special or will rock your world?


But, God has placed in me an unquenchable desire to create.  He has led me in this direction against my (self-perceived) introverted nature... gently shoving me in ways that stretch and grow me (isn't that just like Him) even when I don't "feel" like being pushed beyond my comfort zone.

Consequently, I am setting out on this adventure anticipating growing pains, but grateful that my heavenly Father sees me as a valued child- worthy of His attention and loving "course corrections".

My intention with this blog is to share what inspires me, what I create, what God is teaching me through it all-  with the hopes that He will use it to His good purposes- inspiring you and bringing you closer to Him.

I will be praying for you.  And I humbly ask that you would be praying for me.

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