Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Babette

The Babette blanket.
Such an amazing pattern.
I think it is seen in the crochet community as a crocheter's rite of passage.
I came across the pattern in a search for something completely different- not knowing of its renowned.
I fell for it immediately!
Went on a search for the perfect yarns.
And started crocheting. 

It was my first big project. 
What an initiation!!

Flickr has a group dedicated to the babette blanket! Over 1000 versions of THE babette.

I used a combo of Vanna's yarn and Simply Soft and I Love This Yarn... all easy, not-fancy purchases from Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

This pattern produces a thick, weighty, bucket-of-love blanket!

Love poured into
Time devoted to
Wrapping a loved one into an everyday work of art!

- have a blessed (and creative) day!!

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