Tuesday, November 8, 2011


today's project:  bias knit scarf
I was inspired by a scarf that I saw at a local yarn store.  It was long and skinny with diagonal stripes of different art/novelty yarns in MANY shades of pink.  It was capped off with 1" wide silk ribbon (in ombre pink/white) streamers as fringe.  It was fabulous! 
SO, I went searching on the internet for a pattern or directions on how to knit on the bias (diagonally).  Ravelry.com is a glorious source for patterns of all kinds- I can usually find what I am looking for there.
Although, this time, not so much.  I did not find exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted my "scarf" to be wider that what you would normally think of a "scarf" being... almost a "shawl"- but not a triangle... maybe a "wrap"- but not old-lady-looking...  so I took bits and pieces of other patterns and experimented.
LOVE EXPERIMENTING!!!!... the process of creating is such a joy! It took some tweaking... the first try was not what I wanted.  I adjusted.  And, LOVE the end product!
12 or so, yummy, quality yarns in shades of colors and a variety of textures.  Wool, Cotton, Acrylic.
I am working on an orange/brown/blue/ Autumn Leaves color scheme one right now (the collection of yarns at the top of this post).  You can see a couple of other color groupings here.
 It seems to me it needs a special style name.  "Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dream Scarf" or something of the like.  Help me name it, will you? Post some suggestions.
Happy Knitting!

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