Thursday, August 30, 2012

chaise lounge make-over

Internet:  "Challenge!!!"
Me:  "Accepted!!!"
In a moment of web-surfing fun, I came across a very interesting blog. 
The most talented blogess had a problem, worked to find a solution, and succeeded magnificently!
I will let Kristy Swain of Hyphen Interiors tell her story...  but as a quick synopsis: she PAINTED an upholstered chair to gain the look she desired when other options were not viable!! 

Me: "WHAT?!  You can PAINT upholstery??!!"
Hyphen Interiors: "Yep, no problem!"
Me: "I gotta try that!!!"
So off I went on a round of the local resale stores.
Found it.
A chaise lounge with nice lines that would make a great reading chair... let alone a wonderful guinea pig for my experiment.
upholstered chaise before redo by everdayartdesign
upholstered chaise before redo, a photo by everdayartdesign on Flickr.
Hyphen Interiors has a wonderful tutorial on the steps she took to paint her chair.  You can find it here.
I followed her steps and it worked beautifully.  I used more Textile Medium than she did, but that was the only varient.
So my finished product: A lovely dove grey paint, gloss white legs, and a ruffley brown trim.


another shot:

Yay, Hyphen Interiors for thinking outside the box!...  One of my favorite things to do!
everyday art design studio's painted upholstery make-over

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  1. That looks great! I love the color you chose. I'll add you to my chairs page where I post examples and link back to your blog. How does it feel to you?