Saturday, February 11, 2012

leave no stone unturned

crocheting around a smooth beach or river stone....
i made these:
everyday art design studio's crocheted stones
inspired by these:

Margret Oomen's crocheted stones featured on Purl Bee
These beautifully wrapped stones were designed by Margret Oomen and called "Little Urchin crochet covered sea stones".  They are featured on Purl Bee's website.  Margret generously supplied the crochet pattern for this design:
Margret Oomen's crocheted stone pattern featured on Purl Bee
Margret's Blog: resurrection fern
Margret's ETSY shop: knitalatte : resurrection fern
Thank you Margret for sharing your creativity with the world!

I crocheted the white stone (on the left above and on the right below) following Margret's pattern...  except that I continued the crochet around the whole stone (just continuing with "dc in every second stitch pulling tightly to make the cover very snug on the stone" from Margret's pattern: step 9).
the back of my white stone
I used Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Crochet Thread in White for the white stone. 
For the cream stone, I used a DMC crochet thread in Ecru.  For this stone, I started with a pattern for a heart.  From there, I improvised with different sets of stitches around the heart to fill in the rest of the front of the stone.  The back is completed in the same way as the white stone: dc in every second stitch until the spiral closes.

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